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Apply to Host

Create an account on the website to get access to the list of delegates. You then choose two or three delegates that match or complement your family – making note of the delegates’ names and numbers. Fill out a Host Family Application form, submitting the numbers and names of your top 3 choices on your application.  We ask for 3 choices because sometimes delegates are snatched up quickly and you may not be able to get your 1st choice. We will let you know which delegate you will be hosting as soon as possible, but keep in mind we are sending information to Japan for approval as well and it may take up to 2 weeks to finalize.  If we can’t match one of your choices, we will call you to discuss where we are in the placement process so you can choose how  to proceed.

Please have access to up to 3 pictures of your family on your computer and email them to .  All family members living in your home must appear in at least one of the pictures.  Only after you have emailed pictures will your application be complete and finalized.