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Youth Ambassador Program

Be An Ambassador to Japan

When:  Summer of 2019
Who:  Youth, ages 14-18
What:  Spend 3-4 weeks with a Japanese family
Learn Japanese culture
Participate in Japanese family life & Sightsee
How:  Save your money
Prepare ways to share your culture
Apply for a possible scholarship
Get a passport
Cost: Approximately $2800 – $3000 + spending money

Mountain West Cultural Exchange invites youth, ages 14-18 to be ambassadors to Japan.  Beginning in the summer of 2019 we would like to send a group of delegates for a summer exchange to Japan. Delegates would participate in a Japanese homestay and the UTREK summer camp in the Japanese Alps.

Delegates would be required to:  

  • Participate in pre-travel meetings with their chaperone
  • Share the Mountain West Cultural Program with friends and neighbors
  • Arrange to speak with a minimum of one organization (Rotary Club, School Club, Church Group, etc.) about their homestay experience
  • Have a current passport 
  • Make on time payments for the trip
  • Be willing to share Utah culture with their host family
  • Be great ambassadors of Mountain West Cultural Exchange, Utah, and the United States  

The cost of the trip is dependent upon the cost of travel and camp fees.  We estimate the 2019 trip to be  between $2800-$3000 plus spending money for travel and souvenirs in the country.

Mountain West Cultural Exchange Education Scholarship will be available in amounts up to $500 per family.  

Scholarships will be awarded based on an application process that includes family hosting experience, teen counselor experience, and other leadership experience.

Youth Ambassador Application

Scholarship Criteria Information